Now you can ensure your business runs smoothly even when you are on a vacation.

Business Management Supervision Services

Now starting at 600 AED a week!

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Are you worried about who will mentor your business during your vacation? Someone responsible, someone who is independent, unbiased and professional Someone who can vouch on confidentiality and privacy of information and finally someone who is reliable and consistent.

Centurion Consulting LLC., a leading business consulting firm in Dubai have just the right solution for you through our special support service.

What will our service cover?

  1. Supervise, mentor and manage daily affairs of your business
  2. Report on the team performance and measure the accountability of each of the employees.
  3. Be a support partner who your team can revert to in case of any troubleshooting that may be required.
  4. Ensure that cash management system is adhered to during your absence and properly documented and reported.

Common perceptions

The questions which may come to your mind may be as below:

  1. Why should we trust an outside third-party service provider whom we hardly know?
  2. What if they use our confidential information and reveal our business secrets?
  3. What is the credibility of the service provider? Why can’t we use our own trained resource in our office rather than an external service provider?
  4. Does the service provider have the required expertise to manage and mentor my business?

Our responses

  1. Trust is always built over time and is not instantaneous. We cannot buy trust, it has to be built over time. But the starting point is we are NOT your competitors - we are a complementary support system to a business. Our objective is to ensure smooth running of your business during your temporary absence from business.
  2. We will not become privy to any insider information. We will only act as Management Representatives to mentor and monitor your regular business operations during your absence. There is a process designed and agreed to with the Management which will define our scope and working relationship.
  3. While an in-house resource is always the best - which will also give them an opportunity to prove their leadership skill sets, yet - if your business is cash intensive or high customer intensive it is imperative to have a third party independent supervisor who can mentor and monitor the same, at least till such time the staff are fully assessed and reliability is established.
  4. Regarding expertise of the service provider - we have been offering this service to various businesses over the past 7 years in UAE and 22 years world-wide. Our expertise comes from the fact that we understand business and the business process, irrespective of the type of business or nature of business. We are therefore qualified and to that extent we can relate to your business process.