Centurion Consulting have assisted me in my journey as an entrepreneur starting from evaluating the concept, conducting market research and coming up with a business plan to see if the idea was viable.

-Madam Fatima Binbraik
Founder and Managing Director, Naya Yoga and Pilates L.L.C.

What I needed was a one-stop solution provider for all my requirements and someone who could be available 24x7 for any trouble-shooting.

-Madam Amina
Founder and Managing Director, EDM Cleaning Services L.L.C.

Centurion has been considered as a trusted partner and solutions provided by them have aligned our operations to be regulatory compliant and resilient.

-Ravi Naidu
Founder and CEO, Royal Shield Ltd. Insurance Intermediaries, Headquartered in Seychelles

About Us

Centurion Consulting is a team of well qualified finance and business professionals. We are your partners in your journey and work towards reaching milestones that we'd planned well in advance.

At Centurion, we give wings to your dreams,convert plans into actions, guide, mentor and monitor your progress and deliver results. We act as catalysts and are here to empower you to establish and conduct your business successfully.


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Does your product have a market?

Just having a great idea for a product or service is not enough (acting on instinct, though a big part of business), it should not be the only thing one considers while trying to enter the market. A product may do well in one market but may not be adaptable in the other. This could be due to the various economical, cultural or behavioral factors of the new market.


6 Steps to Ensure 2019 is More Profitable for Your Business!

EXPO 2020 is fast approaching. New reforms have already been added in terms of VISA rules, in terms of taxation and new markets are expected to open. To ensure that 2019 turns out to be a landmark year for your business, we would recommend these 6 simple steps